Endorsements of “El Ombú

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“El Ombu is the third Butterfield novel our Bayfield Book Club has reviewed and is his best yet. It's a rollicking adventure and love story about a young Anglo-Argentinian Spitfire pilot, David Redfield, who served with the RAF during World War II. Extraordinary research and a fresh perspective. As Canadian readers, we were intrigued by the chapter on Redfield's initial flight training in Canada at the commandeered Eglington Hunt Club, now the prestigious Toronto Hunt Club. Also, the little known fact that, after the war, hundreds of the young RAF Argentinian pilots, rather than returning to Argentina (then ruled by the new Nazi-friendly Peronista regime), instead chose to resettle in Canada at the invitation of MacKenzie-King's Liberal government.”

– William A. Rowat, Former Policy Advisor to the Prime Minister of Canada and Assistant Secretary of the federal government.


“An interesting, revealing walk through an unknown history of Argentina by an author who spins an engrossing story of life at that time. As a fighter pilot in the Desert Air Force (DAF) during WWII the author’s description of air warfare is quite real in the air and on the ground. His leading female character is not only an accomplished pilot in the Air Transport Auxiliary (ATA), but a demanding woman in her free time.”

– Ret. Lt. Gerry Teldon, a P-47 Thunderbolt pilot in WWII.

Endorsements of “Mexico Behind The Mask - A Narrative, Past and Present

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“This book is a must read for any American wanting to do business in Mexico, become an expat, or simply visit. Butterfield brings a seldom heard balanced view of heroes and villains across centuries of Mexican history. He also has the ability to not take sides when it comes to the relations between Mexico and the United States. To appreciate this complicated relationship between neighbors, it is only possible by understanding the past.”

– Alfonso Cortina,  Director of the Pinnacle Peer Forum and ex-Director of the Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU) in Mexico.


“Mexico and the United States are like Siamese twins. The heads may not always agree, but are forced to live with each other.’ I agree. A good read if Americans are to better understand their next door neighbor.”

– George W. Grayson, Professor, College of William & Mary and author of Mexico: Narco-Violence and a Failed State, 2009 and Mexican Messiah, 2007.


“The author has combined Mexican history, while inserting his own experiences across many years of living in Mexico. A well informed book, especially as it pertains to my time in Mexico as ambassador.”

– Ambassador James “Jim” Jones, United States Ambassador to Mexico (1993-1997).


“The author's book is informative when dealing with the analysis of major issues between Mexico, Canada and the United States. Particularly insightful is his views on immigration, NAFTA and the traffic of drugs.”

– William A. Rowat, Former Policy Advisor to the Prime Minister of Canada and Assistant Secretary to the Federal Cabinet.


“It's an exciting read for anyone who's the least bit interested in Mexico, and could become the standard for the 22 million Americans and other foreigners who visit every year.”

– Clifford Irving, Hoax, Tom Mix and Pancho Villa.


“After spending many years in Mexico this is as good as it gets if you want to learn about our southern neighbor.”

– Bruce Zimmerman, Water Under The Bridge, Thicker Than Water, Full-Bodied Red.


Endorsements of “The Line | La Linea

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“Mr. Butterfield confirms the issue that illegal drugs are an integral part of American culture and the economy of Mexico. Bravo and a story well told that follows today’s headlines.”  

– Jorge Fernández Menéndez, a leading authority in Mexico on the traffic of drugs and author of El Otro Poder (a history of narcotraffic in Mexico)


“A story filled with sex, violence, and drugs, even love, a story of treachery, where only power and money ultimately are valued."

– James Tipton, Mexconnect online magazine, 2008.


“This is a book built on loving and meticulous research. The drug trade is a tangible character, often one that becomes more real than its heroes and villains. Mexican history and politics buffs, especially those versed in some insider details about law enforcement, will find a detailed and easily recognizable silhouette of real events softened by the comfortable shading of fiction. This exact story, with these precise characters and names, may not be true. But it could be and almost is. Butterfield, who lived in Guadalajara for many years, has done his homework.

The author has chosen an unusual format: a readable and complex romantic triangle written in the style of men’s action novels or thrillers, with a level of journalistic detail often expected of the true-crime genre. This mix alone merits a closer look. Coupled with the relatively rare experience of a strong, believable female lead created by a male author, it makes for truly unique reading.”

– Alexandra Gesheva, Guadalajara Reporter Newspaper, November 27, 2007.



Endorsements of “The Crystal Bull

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“All of us involved in the fiesta brava have met a Glenda Barnes.  That’s what makes her so exciting.”

– Budd Boetticher, Director of the films Arruza, Magnificent Matador, Bullfighter and the Lady.


“This book is unique, so free of the taurino-literary-BS.  Two ears and a tail and bravo on a story well told.”

– Barnaby Conrad, author of Matador.


“This is a novel that not only tells a good story, but will teach you more about La Fiesta Brava since Hemingway.”

– “From The Stacks” reviewed in Atención, English language newspaper in Mexico.